Reflection Letter

To the Educational Technology faculty at the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley,

I want to thank you for the incredible opportunity to take part in your courses. It is an incredible privilege to be able to pursue my master’s degree in Educational Technology.

Prior to beginning the program, I had a vague idea of what educational technology entailed. I have always been interested and involved with technology. Having always been eager to learn new things, I am always at the forefront into the use of new technologies. All my life technology has been something that comes to me every easily. Most of my family members rely on me for help troubleshooting their devices and programs. Little did I know that Educational Technology was everything I loved as a career. I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Spanish from UTRGV. At that time, I began working as an Academic Coordinator for the UTRGV School of Medicine. My position allowed me to design the Blackboard site for my courses. This position helped me to gain work experience and provided me with understanding of what it would be like to be an educator. Currently, I work as a Program Coordinator for the Cardiology, Endocrine, and Sports Medicine Fellowships. This position has allowed me to gain knowledge in the areas of analyzing student data for accreditation requirements. My goals are to earn a Master of Education in Educational Technology with the following certifications: E-Learning, and Online Instructional Designer to have the opportunity to enhance the learning environments of my students, implement new ideas and effective solutions in my career.

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