AECT 2012 Standards Matrix Table

Standards Performance Indicators Project 1 EDTC 6320 Project 2 EDTC 6321 Project 3 EDTC 6323 Project 4 EDTC 6325 Project 5 EDTC 6332 E-Portfolio
Content Knowledge 1.1 x x x x x
1.2 x x x x x x
1.3 x x x
1.4 x x x
1.5 x x x x
Content Pedagogy 2.1 x x x x x
2.2 x x x x x
2.3 x x x
2.4 x x x x x
2.5 x x x x x x
Learning Environments 3.1 x x x x x x
3.2 x x x x x
3.3 x x x
3.4 x x x
3.5 x x x x x
3.6 x x x x
Professional Knowledge and Skills 4.1 x x x x
4.2 x x
4.3 x x x
4.4 x x x x
4.5 x x x x x
Research 5.1 x x x
5.2 x x
5.3 x x x
5.4 x x

EDTC 6320 – Cooperative Project
Project Description: Team Tech Innovators created a multimedia presentation to educate prospective students and potential employers about the field of Educational Technology and what an Educational Technologist is. The presentation highlights career options and wage
opportunities for students who are interested in Educational Technology and for potential employers who may have a need for an Educational Technologist.
Project Link | Artifact Report.

AECT Standards Met: This project meets the following standards:

Standard 1: Content Knowledge
1.2, 1.5
Standard 2: Content Pedagogy
Standard 3: Learning Environments
3.1, 3.5
Standard 4: Professional Knowledge and Skills
4.1, 4.5
Standard 5: Research

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